What is Pros and Cons of Goshitel?


  • Size of the rooms are mostly between 2 x 2 and 2 x 3 meters only
    Thus it is not recommendable for a person who dislikes small space or has claustrophobia or has many personal items all the time



  • Super cheap
    Prices ranged between 300,000 krw and 480,000 krw per month
  • No heavy deposit – some have key deposit and/or room cleaning deposit
  • No extra fee
  • Free meals provided

How to find a good Goshitel ?

  • Consider the location of your university, company, and attractions intended to go
  • Use Google keywords search engine with like
    goshitel or goshiwon near (name of specific university)
    goshitel or goshiwon near (name of specific subway station)
    off-campus accommodation near (name of specific university)
  • Consult a reliable and resourceful goshitel platform as they are already being an expert about a goshitel in Korea and ready to recommend you the most suitable goshitel

How to make a payment?

  • Payment is normally made by cash
  • Credit cards are rarely acceptable
  • You may transfer the rent via bank or PayPal either

How to check in?

  1. check the reservation
  2. check the room
  3. check the regulations if any
  4. fill in the contract form
  5. pay a rent
  6. take a room key or electronic key code if any
  7. get information about wifi, facilities, equipment, storage for suitcases etc.

Area recommended

  • for Students
    nearby university or subway station
  • for Workers
    nearby company or subway station
  • for Travelers
    nearby attractions (Gangnam, Daehak-ro, Itaewon, Hongdae etc.) or subway stations

Standard Regulation

  • Keep silent in the goshitel especially in the night time
  • No smoking in the room
  • No cooking in the room
  • Do not share the room with others
  • Washing dishes after cooking in the kitchen
  • Turn off the lights whenever get out of the room
  • Notify a week prior to check-out

Standard Contract

Form Download

Standard Proof of Residency

Form Download